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    If you want to send something to someone else, you can mostly due with a parcel delivery service. But if the stock that you want to send is so large, heavy or inconvenient that normal parcel or package services will not accept it, you might think about sending the delivery via pallet delivery service. But where can you find such service? One of the companies that you can go to is Pallets4Delivery. But how will they handle the load? Will they handle it with care? Can you be sure that the pallet will arrive at the desired destination in time? And how will their customer service deal with any problems or complaints that they get from their customers? Read the reviews of customers that have already send pallets via Pallets4Delivery. That way you can inform yourself of how things at Pallets4Delivery really work before you decide to use their services to send a pallet.

    About Pallets4Delivery

    Pallets4Delivery is a pallet delivery service. They want too offer an alternatives for parcels that are so heavy or large that normal courier services can become quite expensive, They offer various pallets. They offer quarter pallets, half pallets, full pallets, but they also offer mega quarter, mega half or mega full pallets. You can send as little as 250 or as much as 1200. The smallest pallet, the normal quarter pallet, is 100cm by 120 cm by 80 cm. Their largest, the mega full pallet, is 100 by 240 by 220 and can contain as much as 1200 kg. They offer their services within Singapore and Ireland, but also send pallets to other European Countries like Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria, Czechia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia and more.

    Let's hope they steer clear of these delivery fails

    Services of Pallets4Delivery

    On their website, you can get a free quote. This quote will tell you exactly how much the delivery of your pallet is going to cost you. As mentioned before, they send their pallets all over Europe. They offer their standard Super Eco 2-4 day delivery service that you can take out from 30 onwards. But if you are in a hurry, they also offer Economy service that sends pallets within 1-2 days. But they also have premium service that will get your pallet there the next day. And they offer Economy Euro and Premium Euro services. They also offer tracked services. And you can contact the customer service department of Pallets4Delivery via their Contact Us page

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    Have you ever taken out one of the services of Pallets4Delivery? Then you are in the right position to share with us how things at Pallets4Delivery really work. Are you satisfied with the way they handled your pallet? Did it arrive undamaged and at the right place? How did their customer service stand by you when you had some complaint, problem or question about their services? Please leave a review. The experiences and opinions that you describe can help others too know what to expect when using Pallets4Delivery.

    How will Pallets4Delivery handle your load? Will they deliver your cargo in time? Read customer reviews & opinions about this pallet delivery service.

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