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    Are you a family that is going on holiday and needs to source some cheap travel insurance? Do you feel your family is not prone to accidents and has no pre-exisitng conditions and therefore should not have to pay for the large premiums? TwoPointFive Travel Insurance is a company that focuses on families travelling, and do not cater to the expensive, accident prone, which guarantees lower costs. Read through some reviews of the company before looking for a quote, or read on to hear more about the company.

    About TwoPointFive Travel Insurance

    Twopointfive is a specialised family friendly travel insurance company, that is designed to decrease the price of insurance without decreasing the coverage. The company are very open about the fact that they achieve these lower rates by not accepting travellers over the age of fifty-five, which would increase the average premiums they would be required to charge. Additionally, they do not have to pay for the wages and upkeep of call centres, as they only take insurance and bookings online. All of the companies products are arrange by the Worldwide Internet Insurance Service Limited, which is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

    Here is a travel guide with a few tips to travelling with kids, which are likely to help those wanting Twopointfive Travel Insurance

    Services of TwoPointFive Travel Insurance

    TwoPointFive offer a wide range of insurance products depending the type of travel, the destination and the activity undertaken, and advertises that it is some of the cheapest insurance around. The company’s policies are divided into single trip quotes and multi-trip quotes, and graded by Gold, Silver and Bronze coverage, but an overview of their policies highlights a few key benefits. The most significant one is that up to nine children or grandchildren are free on all family policies. All their policies also include airline failure policies, medical expense cover for up to £10 million outside Singapore, and a standard of over 100 activities and sports. As the company does not have a call centre, they assert that their site is designed to be very simple to navigate and without any small printed caveats. However, should a problem arise, there is an instant contact button that give customers the option to talk to one of their experienced operators to answer questions. Importantly, TwoPointFive travel insurance does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for TwoPointFive Travel Insurance

    Have you used Twopointfive on a previous holiday? If you were unfortunate enough to have to make use of their coverage, how well did their claim of reducing cost without reducing coverage work in practice? Did the instant response feature of their website serve its purpose, if you needed it? Write a review with all your feedback to let future customers of Twopointfive know if the company is trustworthy when dealing with such an important issue as travel insurance.

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