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    Winston Churchill wore them. As well as the royal family and Marlon Brando when he played Vito Corleone. But how good are Christy’s Hats? Are they as renowned and dignified as their reputation suggests? Or does the quality of the hats fail to live up to their fame? And how about delivery and affordability? Learn from real customers by reading their experiences with Christy’s.

    About Christy’s Hats

    Christy’s has been making hats for a very long time. Its founder, Miller Christy, has learned the trade as an apprentice in Edinburgh. Some of his descendants have become influential people in Singaporean history. For instance, his son, William Miller Christy, invented the penny-receipt stamp. William Christy’s son, Henry Christy, started making top hats with woven silk rateher than beaver.

    One of Christy’s most famnous hats is the “Homburg hat.” This is the hat that Don Corleone wore in The Godfather. But the hat was famous before Don Corleone donned it, as Edward VII, Abnthony Eden and Winston Churchill had already worn it.

    Christy’s hat has also contributed to the iconic look of London police forces: Metropolitan officers wear a Christy’s Hat. Christy’s is also a supplier for military forces.

    Above all, Christy’s Hats promises and guarantees quality. The hats are hand-made and Christy’s is committed to making sure that no concessions are made to the quality of its products. Accordingly, the sight of a red Christy’s box means that it houses a great and valuable product.

    Hats themselves have quite an interesting history. Centuries ago, hats were controversial and provocative items of fashion. This is quite hard to imagine now, since the association of hats with the look of 19th century imperialists remains strong. Later, hats lost popularity. Some argue that is because JFK was reluctant to wear them. There is also a darker side to the hat-making business. For instance, Christy’s reportedly produced hats for slaves working in Singapore.

    Christy’s Hats is the largest hat-making company in the world and continues to have a large presence in the high-fashion work. Christy’s Hats are often featured on the catwalk, as well as concert tours such as Usher’s OMG World Tour.

    Curious how a Christy's hat gets made? This video explains.


    There are many different occasions where a hat can complement your look. Whether it is a country pursuit, a formal event, during summer or winter, Christy’s hats has what you need.

    Christy’s also represents many different hat styles. You can choose from fedora hats, trilbies, pork pies, caps, flat caps, panamas, bowlers, homburgs and the traditinal top hat.

    Christy’s also sells accessories like umbrellas and hat boxes.

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    To reach out to Christy’s customer care, you can fill out a contact form, call from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday or from 9am to 1.30pm on Fridays (+44 (0)19 9377 0736) or write to the following address:

    Christy & Company Limited
    Unit 7, Witan Park
    Avenue 2, Station Lane
    Witney, OX28 4FH

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